March 25, 2020 Coronavirus Update: Changes to OLIFF Communication Procedures

Oliff PLC continues to adjust its operating procedures to support our clients as more and more of our staff and attorneys move to remote telework.  To help facilitate this shift to remote telework, and to prepare for the possibility of a government mandated partial or full closure of our offices, we are moving quickly to a more digital environment.

Effective March 26, we plan to eliminate mailing most hardcopy correspondence and documents as the default procedure for our clients.  During this time, our default procedure will be to send all client correspondence, USPTO correspondence, and invoices by email.  For clients that have specified another mode of electronic transmission, such as facsimile or secure uploads, we will continue to upload documents and correspondence in the specified manner.  For clients that have expressly requested to receive hardcopies by mail, we will continue to send hardcopies for as long as we are able to have a sufficient number of our employees working in our office.

We will continue to mail original documents, such as Letters Patents, for as long as possible.  To the extent it becomes necessary to fully close our offices, we will temporarily transition to sending all mail correspondence to email only correspondence, and will retain original documents until our employees can safely return to the office, when we will resume mailings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to discuss any particular situations that may be impacted by this change in procedure.  Please direct any such questions or inquiries to Megan Bowers at