Translation Services

We offer on-site translation services to assist in preparing and prosecuting applications and other documents for foreign clients. Our translators are also available to provide assistance in working with our foreign associates to obtain intellectual property protection around the world.

Japanese/English Language Services

Our highly trained in-house specialists work closely with our attorneys and provide Japanese/English language services to meet each client’s individual needs. Our IP-focused services are highly valued by clients ranging from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies.

Translation Services
  • Patent application preparation and prosecution materials
  • Litigation, opinion, and counseling materials
  • Trademark and service mark registration materials
  • Changes to U.S. patent law
  • Dual-language forms (including Declarations, Powers of Attorney, and Assignments)
Interpretation Services
  • Client meetings in the U.S. and Japan
  • Telephone/video conferences with U.S. attorneys
  • Telephone/personal interviews with U.S. examiners
  • Technical presentations at the U.S. PTO
  • U.S. trials, depositions, settlements, and other proceedings
Support Services
  • Available for immediate client assistance by phone or email during our normal business hours
  • Assisting with IP management support
  • Assisting with special IP projects
  • Coordinating simultaneous filings in several countries
  • Assisting with long/short-term client visits and training
  • Assisting with creating minutes after meetings with U.S. judges, attorneys, and experts

Services other than the above are also available.

IP-Focused Experience and Services

Some examples of specific services:

  • Translating Japanese claims, including unique expressions and/or subtle nuances, into English, e.g., to avoid undesired means-plus-function interpretations under §112, sixth paragraph and unintended narrow interpretations
  • Revising translations that did not originally meet U.S. practice or PCT rules
  • Correcting and revising mistranslated portions of applications and correspondence
  • Providing translations in support of §1.32 Declarations

Please contact Ms. Chihiro Yamazaki with any questions at

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