Jim Oliff Retirement

Congratulations And Thank You To Jim Oliff

On July 1, Jim stepped away from his role as a managing partner, after founding and leading Oliff PLC for more than 35 years.  On behalf of the partners, attorneys, managers and staff, we thank Jim for his leadership and guidance over these many years — none of us would be here without him.

Jim founded Oliff PLC in 1983 with Bill Berridge, 2 other attorneys and 9 staff.  Under Jim’s stewardship, the firm has grown to include more than 40 attorneys and patent agents and a total staff of nearly 140.  His constant focus on the “Big 3″—quality, timeliness and reasonable cost—have resulted in robust and rigorous training, strong, lasting client relationships and continuous growth, with the firm achieving a new record just last year with over 5,000 new patent applications filed in 2019.

Jim remains with the firm as Senior Counsel and continues to be available to the partners and Executive Committee for consulting and counseling.  We look forward to working with Jim in his new role and to furthering Jim’s legacy with our continued team approach to providing timely, high quality legal work at a reasonable price.