Intern/Extern/Training Programs

Current law school students participate in our established intern and extern programs throughout the year. Internships are conducted each summer, while the externships are offered to participating law schools during the school year for academic credit. Although the programs are offered at different times of the year, they are substantially similar.

Interns/externs receive instruction primarily from three sources. First, the externs participate in our new attorney training program, which consists of lectures and workshops covering a variety of topics, including new application drafting, claim drafting strategies, prior art, obviousness, examination strategies, post-examination strategies, claim construction, validity, infringement, and patent litigation. Detailed materials are provided explaining issues addressed in the lectures and workshops. Second, the interns/externs attend our weekly Wednesday lunch meetings in which we discuss all patent-related Federal Circuit cases from the previous week, as well as other relevant topics, including rule changes, etc. The interns/externs are provided summaries of all of the Federal Circuit cases and other issues discussed. The third source of instruction is in the form of on-the-job training. The interns/externs are provided with a mentor (typically a senior associate) and a docket of patent prosecution matters. Through the summer or semester, the interns/externs perform all aspects of patent prosecution, including new application drafting, preparing responses to Office Actions, conducting personal interviews at the USPTO, etc. The mentors review, revise, etc., all of the interns’/externs’ work, and review all changes with the interns/externs to facilitate their training.