Securing Intellectual Property

Our goal in securing intellectual property rights for our clients is to obtain the broadest and most effective scope of patent, trademark (including service mark, collective mark and certification mark), mask work and copyright protection available in the United States and other countries, and ensuring that adequate procedures are in place to protect, preserve and defend our clients’ trade secret rights as and where appropriate.

The way we secure intellectual property, in the United States and abroad, reflects our commitment to personalized service. We handle each application as a unique part of our client’s intellectual property portfolio. Our foreign filing group ensures that each application filed outside the United States receives the same care and expertise as its U.S. counterpart, both within our firm and by our network of highly skilled foreign associates. We work closely with our clients to carefully prepare and prosecute patent applications and applications for trademark, mask work and copyright registration. In addition, we emphasize the value of personal interviews with Patent, Trademark and Copyright Examiners to ensure the desired coverage, and to streamline the application process.