Practice Summary

Our prosecution practice is well-established and continues to grow in response to client demand. Nearly all of the members of Oliff PLC are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and have extensive prosecution experience. Many of the members and associate attorneys are former Patent Examiners. Our experience with litigation and licensing matters is brought to bear on all prosecution matters to optimize the value and enforceability of the patents and registrations we obtain for our clients.

Our patent practice spans the gamut of inventions, from complex communications hardware and software to genetically engineered mammals, from components and systems of automotive and jet aircraft engines to textile chemistry and fabric structures, from snow skis to semiconductors. As detailed in our Attorney Profiles, our patent attorneys and agents have a wealth of technical education and industry experience to apply to their patent prosecution efforts.

Our trademark practice encompasses a broad range of goods and services in nearly all classes, from sophisticated industrial products and computer software to consumer goods, from website design and trade association services to restaurants and grocery stores. We have comprehensive experience with non-word marks, such as design and product configuration marks, as well as the different considerations involved with protecting families of similar marks, or portfolios of house and product line marks.

Our copyright practice similarly spans a broad spectrum of works, with particular expertise in technical works – from computer-related technology in all of its many forms, including computer software, micro code, mask works, user interfaces, multimedia, databases and the Internet.