Evaluating Intellectual Property

Our goal in evaluating and exploiting intellectual property rights is to assist our clients throughout the business process, render useful advice and opinions, negotiate desired results, and transform those results to understandable and effective legal documents.  Our substantial litigation and prosecution experience and up-to-date understanding of the law help us advise our clients on how best to proceed, and to negotiate and draft documents implementing our clients’ decisions.

We regularly provide counseling and opinions on:

  • the different characteristics and requirements of, and interrelationships between, the different types of intellectual property rights;
  • intellectual property audits, and development of corporate policies and procedures manuals relating to the procurement of patents and preservation of trade secrets, the adoption, use and protection of marks and trade dress, the use and protection of copyrightable subject matter, and the protection of other proprietary information and industrial property;
  • validity and enforceability of intellectual property of our clients and their competitors;
  • infringement and valuation of such intellectual property;
  • ownership of such intellectual property;
  • antitrust and unfair competition implications of particular conduct;
  • dilution of trademarks;
  • protection and misappropriation of privacy and publicity rights;
  • protection and misappropriation of trade secrets; and
  • government export control regulations.

We also regularly negotiate and draft:

  • license and assignment agreements for domestic and foreign patents, trade secrets, know-how, trademarks, mask works and copyrights;
  • distributorship and dealer agreements;
  • employment, consulting and non-competition agreements; and confidentiality agreements.