Oliff PLC has a philosophy of “growing the firm” that applies to the professional development of all our staff members, including new attorneys, managers, IP Specialists, and office assistants.

With the team-oriented philosophy, we begin with an extensive orientation program that familiarizes the new employee with Oliff PLC’s systems, forms, and philosophies.  We then assign a more experienced “mentor” to guide the new employee’s work on active projects.  To “grow the firm,” the mentor will train the new employee with the goal that the training will enable the new employee to function independently as early as possible, and subsequently to rise to the status of a mentor as his or her experience grows.

Our new attorneys are assigned projects commensurate with their experience.  As attorneys become proficient in one area, they will grow into other areas with the supervision of a mentor.  Professional development is an integral part of the “grow the firm” philosophy.

Managers, IP Specialists, and office assistants will experience a similar career path, with different stages of professional development.  This fosters a team-oriented approach that has been a cornerstone of Oliff PLC’s success.

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